Melanie Jones


ENDURE: A Run Woman Show (2011)

ENDURE: A RUN WOMAN SHOW, is a site-specific headphone audio theatre work exploring resilience through the internal experience of a runner.

Audience and performer travel through 5km of public park space, following the story of one woman’s marathon race through synchronized iPods.

ENDURE was presented in five cities including New York, Calgary, London during the 2012 Olympic Games and Edinburgh, and the 49th Calgary Marathon in 2013. It garnered international media attention and two IT Awards (New York Innovative Theater Awards) for Outstanding Full-Length Script and Outstanding Solo Performance.

Written by Melanie Jones
Directed by Suchan Vodoor
Music by Christine Owman
Performed by Melanie Jones and Mary Cavett
Produced by Jessica D. Baker
Original direction and choreography by Michael D. Buffer

ENDURE was created, in part, with the support of The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Calgary 2012, Piper Theatre Productions and Collision Productions.

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