Melanie Jones

Experiments In Delight (2010)

EXPERIMENTS IN DELIGHT is a series of durational performance art investigations performed in public space throughout NYC. The performances interrupt the pace of New York City, introducing stillness, slow motion, and whimsy to spaces such as Chelsea Market, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Central Park. 

Experiment In Delight #1
Chelsea Market
Duration: 2 hours

Experiment In Delight #2
Jackie Onassis Reservoir, Central Park
Duration 3 hours 30 minutes

Experiment In Delight #3: It Was Better To Listen To The Ones Who Said Yes
Central Park
Duration: 1 hour

Experiment In Delight #4
Washington Square
Duration: 30 minutes

Experiment In Delight #5: Things Look Different From Here
Brooklyn Bridge
Duration: 2 hours

Conceived and performed by Melanie Jones

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