Melanie Jones

JOYRIDE (2017)

JOYRIDE is a series of immersive cycling videos experienced on resistance controlled bike trainers.

Written and produced by Melanie Jones in collaboration with filmmaker Andrea Brassart, JOYRIDE maps cycling narratives, point-of-view video footage, and original soundtrack to 60- to 90-minute power-based interval workouts, manipulating physical, emotional, and visual tension as the story unfolds.

The series explores true stories of rivalry, adversity, representation, and transformation. The pilot episode, Comeback, immerses participants in the story of a professional athlete who returns to racing following an almost-fatal car wreck. Balancing the dominance of privilege in professional and amateur road riding circles, JOYRIDE centers its narratives on riders of color, women, LGBTQ cyclists, and riders with disability—imagining a breadth of humanity and experience beyond the Tour de France.

Written and produced by Melanie Jones
Directed and produced by Andrea Brassart
Editing and music by Jaimie Stewart

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